Spa and wellness go hand in hand at Sauna Deco. So you easily combine your visit to the sauna with a relaxation massage or beauty treatment at the beauty salon. And you go home looking like you were on a sunny vacation. Relaxed and tanned. Thanks to the solarium bed.


The men and women of our first class massage team are all experienced professionals with appropriate training and passion for their profession. Under their “golden hands” you’ll feel reborn in no time. A good massage will allow for relaxation and improves circulation so that your health gets a boost. Every masseur has his/her own style or specialty, with an emphasis on relaxation, sports, deep tissue or shiatsu massage. We are sure you’ll find what you need.

Call +31 (0)20-6238215 for reservations.
Price: 25 min € 40.- / 55 min € 75. – A massage can be paid in cash and by card.


The deep tissue masseur works with slow and deep movements. By the use of elbows, palms and thumbs on pressure points and muscles, release chronic tension and reach a state of deep relaxation.

Massage is as old as mankind itself. Makes sense, because you become relaxed by a massage. In the classic massage, we make frequent use of kneading, palpitations, shakes, vibrations and friction massage. If you treat yourself regularly to a classic massage, you’ll keep your body in balance and you can deal with stress and fatigue more easily. In addition, a classical massage provides instant relief from a stiff neck or pain in the lower back.

Shiatsu is a Japanese pressure point massage that prevents or treats physical and emotional problems. The masseur uses the thumb and forefinger to put pressure on the meridian system. Thus a flow is effected. This flow, the ‘Namikosi technique’, is used by the Deco Shiatsu Team. This technique has a positive influence on the nerve system. Our muscles are influenced by the nerve system and the muscular system, in turn, has effect on the veins and arteries. All together it’s good for the blood stream and lymph system. Namikosi is the only legally recognized form of Shiatsu in Japan, the technique works. Both relaxing and soothing, it making the body system flow better so it gradually addresses all its problems. Shiatsu gives you a relaxed, better and healthier body.

You want to keep your muscles toned? Choose a sports massage. This massage technique stimulates the blood flow, which in turn makes waste discharged faster from muscle tissue. Nutrients are allowed in, which contributes to a faster recovery. Whether you are a professional athlete, do intense physical activity or like to be activeonce in a while, a sports massage on a regular basis leads to better performance and helps tight muscles and injuries. So give yourself a wonderful massage to leave all the stress behind you. Let the sports masseur massage away all the tension from your neck, shoulders and back and treat your muscles on a mini vacation. A regular massage provides smooth muscles, helps prevent RSI and improves your mobility.

Feet Reflexology is a pressure point massage, which is based on the concept that your whole body can be found in your feet. Your entire body, nerves and organs are all connected by energy flows within certain reflex zones or reflex points in your feet. By massaging specific reflex zones you stimulate the corresponding body part and provides the first step towards healing. This is also called reflexology or feet reflexology. The Foot Reflexology massage released energy blocks, which in turn revitalizes your body and energy will flow better. The body’s healing power does the rest.



In the heart of Amsterdam on the Herengracht, you’ll find Salon Deco. The perfect place to take a break from the pressures of everyday life and enjoy an extensive range of beauty treatments. Pamper yourself with a compact or extended facial treatment. Make an appointment for a body wrap or a foot massage. Only coming by to have your eyelashes dyed is also an option.


After a careful skin diagnosis, our specialist chooses the perfect skin products for you. For instance you can experience the luxury of Leading Beauty Farms (LBF) products. These quality products from Italy are oxygen permeable and rich in collagen. Important preconditions for a fresh, radiant skin! If you prefer organic skin care, Revita Apiserum might be the thing for you. The soft scents of roses, geranium and basil are a perfect combination with medicinal bee products such as propolis, honey and royal jelly. The result is a delight for the skin and senses. For body treatments, we use Algology (on request, also for facial treatments), an innovative product line with active marine and plant extracts. After each treatment, you’ll feel vital and relaxed. And, of course, you can continue to use all of our products at home. Ask our specialist for product prices.

Facial treatments
45 min: €55,-
60 min: €72,-
75 min: €80,-
90 min: €102,-

Pedicure per 15 minutes: €17,50
– including cosmetic care: €65,-

Packing: €58,-
Body peeling: €45,-
Dyeing Eyelashes/eyebrows: €15,-
Eyebrows modeling: €15,-

Upper lip €12.-
Upper lip / chin €20.-

Bikini / back etc from €17,50
Relaxation/Reiki/Foot relex zone:
30 min: €37,50-
60 min: €65,-

Call for an appointment: 06-45286971






What could be better than to finish a day in the sauna with a visit to the solarium?   At our reception desk you can book when you arrive or at any time during your visit. Of course our solarium meets with all the requirements, we make sure it is always up to hygienic standards. Please take the sensitivity of your skin into account.

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