Frequently asked Questions

What is Sauna Deco

Sauna Deco has been the city spa/sauna of Amsterdam for more than 44 years. Small and beautiful. Don’t expect swimming pools, jacuzzi and infusions, but just the place in town to get away from the city for a few hours and relax in a beautiful setting.

Doe Spa Deco have bathing suit days

No, we do not have bathing suit days. All days are mixed and textile free. All of our guests are use bath robes or towels.

Can I rent bath robes and or towels?

We have bath robes and towels for rent. You can also buy slipper (flip flops) if needed.

Are children allowed to visit

Most certainly. We are a family spa but all we ask is that the kids can keep the peace and quiet. Also we do not allow access after 8pm.

When I’m having a massage. Is the sauna included?

No the sauna access is not included. 

Can I buy gift vouchers for the spa entry or massages?

Yes, we have gift vouchers available for both the sauna and the massages. However, the massage vouchers can only be paid in cash.

Are mobiles or other electronic devices allowed?

The use of a mobile phone or tablet is only allowed at the reception. Furthermore, it is not allowed to bring a mobile phone, smart watch or other electronic equipment. Do you want to bring an e-reader? Show this at the reception, so that the receptionist can assess whether it can be taken inside.

Can I use the sauna while pregnant?

If you are healthy and have a normal pregnancy, you can go to the sauna without any objection. However, we do not recommend the infrared sauna. Also, you should not test yourself to the limit. Shorter laps and don’t overheat. When i doubt, check with your doctor.